Culinary Theatre Series

Saturdays, January through April

Expand your cooking skills each Saturday morning with the chefs of Destination Kohler. These engaging demonstrations explore everything from regional foods to specific courses and cooking techniques – all with the goal of increasing your appreciation for and ability to cook with great ingredients right in your home kitchen.

Time: 11am–12:30pm
Price: $35 per person
Location: Kitchens of Kohler – Demonstration Kitchen

To reserve your spot, please call .

2019 Schedule

January 19

Winter Weekend Brunch
Presenter: Tiffany Ringelstetter - Whistling Straits
Gourmet Made Easy
Brunch holds a special place in our dining traditions, borrowing from the day’s other meals while offering its own unique signatures. Above all, it’s a meal made for spending leisure time with friends and family. Chef Tiffany Ringelstetter will offer some easy ways to make your brunch moments even more memorable with interesting and regional twists on classic brunch dishes.

January 26

Going South for the Winter
Presenter: Eric Longhini – The Horse & Plow
BBQ Styles from Memphis, Kansas City, Carolina & Texas
What better way to fight off the deep freeze of winter than with the warm, sweet smokiness of a slow-cooked barbeque? Chef Eric Longhini will smoke, simmer and braise his way through this ancient technique while providing perspectives and tips on the four great American barbeque traditions.

February 2

Big Game Party Food
Presenter: Jared Schulz – Blackwolf Run
Creating Winning Food for Big Game Parties
So what if your favorite team isn’t playing. Heck, so what if you don’t even like football. Chef Jared Schulz’s appetizer demo is all the reason you’ll need to throw a memorable big game party. Local, seasonal ingredients will play starting line-up with Schulz calling a few creative audibles of his own.

February 16

Healthy in a Hurry
Presenter: Lucas Oppeneer – Destination Kohler Special Events
Simple Delicious Recipes
Nutritious, delicious and fast: the common wisdom says you can pick two. Chef Lucas Oppeneer will provide some uncommon wisdom and prove you really can have all three. Book your reservation for seasonally influenced, child-friendly (but not childish) recipes created for today’s fast-paced lifestyles.

February 23

Stock Up On Flavor
Presenter: Evan Wallerman – Riverbend
How to Make Healthy Stocks & Broths
Stir some childhood memories and fend off the cold with chef Evan Wallerman’s course on homemade soup stocks and bone broths. Wallerman will demonstrate that, contrary to popular belief, making a delicious broth or stock can be easy and fast. And the best part? They primarily use scraps you would otherwise throw out.

March 2

A New Twist on the Classic, Breakfast for Dinner  
Presenter: Matt Bauer – Executive Chef Destination Kohler
Breakfast Before Bed
Nothing shakes up a humdrum dining routine like serving up breakfast for dinner. Chef Matt Bauer will put a sophisticated, hearty spin on breakfast classics, sure to please the entire family. Included will be an introduction to sous vide cooking and a sangria cocktail that incorporates maple syrup.

March 9

Step Ahead on Sundays
Presenter: Trevor Koch – Cucina 
Preparing Meals for the Week
Preparing your meals for the upcoming week is a great way to reduce stress and spend more quality time with your family. Chef Trevor Koch will offer some simple tricks and techniques using everyday ingredients to create new flavor profiles and keep your prepared meals lively and interesting.

March 16

Pasta/Not Pasta 
Presenter: Bill Terranova – Cucina
Hand-made Traditional Pasta/Spaghetti Squash Pasta & Puttanesca Sauce
Whether you’re from Pewaukee or Pompeii, Chef Bill Terranova’s Pasta Puttanesca demo will have you cooking like an old-world Italian. Terranova will demystify the process of making fresh pasta, share his insights on Puttanesca’s history and even demo a spaghetti squash variation on this classic.

March 23

Flavors & Techniques of Authentic Mexican Cooking
Presenter: Harald Alcala – The Horse & Plow
Born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, Chef Harald Alcala grew up eating Tortas Ahogadas (Drowned Tortas) at local restaurants and street markets. In this session, Alcala will bring you on a journey to his childhood home, recreating this traditional dish along with an authentic Mole, all the while showing that scratch-made Mexican food can be easy to make at home.

March 30

Keto Cuisine
Presenter: Paul Smitala – Blackwolf Run
Low Carb Dishes That Deliver
Eat delicious, high calorie food and still lose weight? No, you’re not dreaming. Chef Paul Smitala will offer some of the recipes he’s created while he and his wife lost more than 50 pounds adhering to the Ketogenic diet. Get ready for bacon, heavy cream, bacon, peanut butter, bacon, cheese and, yep, more bacon.

April 13

Culinary Proof
Presenter: Jeff Peeters – The Wisconsin Room
Cooking with Beer, Wine & Whiskey
Those same complex, multifaceted flavors that make our preferred libations so enticing can do wonders for your cooking as well. Chef Jeff Peeters will cover a range of techniques and cultural traditions integrating beer, wine and whiskey in food. Bottoms up! 

April 20

Vegetarian Cooking 
Presenter: Dan Dries - Whistling Straits
Classic Dishes Made Vegetarian
Chef Dan Dries will put some heat in your weekend with a spicy vegetarian chili with bulgur wheat and ground walnuts as its base. Using easy-to-learn techniques, along with common equipment and ingredients, Dries will also offer tips for adding flavor and complexity to other vegetarian takes on classic dishes.

April 27

Presenter: Zeke Fitzgerald - Wisconsin Room
Raising your Vegetable Repertoire with New Techniques and Recipes
Just in time for farmer’s market season, Chef Zeke Fitzgerald will bring a fun and creative approach to making the most of your local produce haul. A range of techniques, including blanching, roasting, dehydrating, grinding, poaching and braising will be covered for both spring and fall vegetables.

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